Below are some of the recent pictures sent in by our members. These photos may correspond to FALA events, published articles, or may be miscellaneous submissions celebrating FALA members, families, and friends. If you have any pictures you would like posted, please email them to:

Consul General of Finland to New York, Manu Virtamo, with FALA President Robert Saasto at Consulate Celebration of 99th year of independence of Finland; December, 2016
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari with FALA at Finlandia Foundation Dinner Dance 2010 FALA welcomes Consul General Jukka Pietikainen to
NYC October 2012
FALA at Finlandia Foundation dinner dance 2008 with
Kirsti Lintonen Ambassador of Finland to UN and Osmo
Lipponen Consul General of Finland to New York
FALA and friends at Hilton Hotel NYC 2013
FALA in Connecticut honoring Honorary Consul General Carl Anderson Esq. FALA member IRS Commissioner John Koskinen accepting award from
Pres FALA Robert Saasto with Jukka Pietikainen Consul
General to NY from Finland

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen with Consul General
Jukka Pietikainen to his left at Estonia House Robert
Saasto President FALA standing and Honorary Consul
General to Ct. Carl Anderson Esq. to left;2014

FALA Helsinki Marski Hotel
FALA Helsinki 2013  Pres. of FALA and Pres. of Finnish Bar Assoc.
Helsinki 2011 
Helsinki 2011-1  Helsinki 2011-2 
Helsinki 2011-3  Helsinki 2011-4  Helsinki 2011-5  Helsinki 2011-6